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Jeremy Miranda, Untitled, 2011

Jeremy Miranda, Untitled, 2011

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Carrion Crow ~ Aaskrähe ~ Corvus corone

2014 © Jesse Alveo

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Normally before a battle the men would make themselves up to look as beautiful and amazing as possible. Then they’d go out and hack each other to pieces. That’s not my bag, of course. But based on that you can hardly call make-up unmasculine.
And look at all the old kings and dandies.

And if you look to the animal world, so often the male is more beautiful then the female - look at peacocks and lions.

Really make-up and beautiful clothes are fundamental to me. It’s just that we live in such a strange society.

-David Bowie, speaking in 1972. (via glamidols)

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Sinking into a wall of green velvet

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Elven shrine by Tsabo6


Elven shrine by Tsabo6

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